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Missing the water flow? This kit will get your ride shining without the hose.

This kit has all you need for a great waterless wash.

Eco Shine

With Eco Shine, you can remove dust and grime from your vehicles paint in the matter of seconds!

Eco Shine is loaded with innovative emulsifiers and lubricants that loosen and lift debris off of your paint quickly and safely. Eco Shine is also full of advanced polymers that leave your vehicle looking super glossy and fresh after each use.

Experience the ease and results of new technology. You will never look at washing your vehicle as a chore again.


Eco Shine is not designed to clean vehicles with excessive grime and dirt. This product is designed for removal of thick dust and normal road grime that occurs from driving on clean, dry roads. Eco Shine will replace your need for a vehicle duster. Dusters will leave fine scratches in your paint and build up surface swirls over time. 


 Waterless method:

  • Mix up a 32oz Shine Supply spray bottle with 2oz Eco Shine and then add water to the fill line.
  • Generously spray each panel to be cleaned and wipe using one pass with a micro fiber towel.
  • After each pass flip the towel to a clean section. This ensure the removed grime is NEVER coming back in contact with the paint. After all surfaces of current towel are saturated grab a clean towel.
  • Use a micro fiber towel for the bottom 6 inches of the vehicle since this it's the dirtiest area. This will keep your nice Shine Supply signature towels in good shape. 
  • Follow up with Ride Shine detail spray and a clean microfiber for the perfect finish. 

Solution is an advanced multi-purpose cleanser that will clean anything it touches. Its pH balanced formula delivers safe and effective results on nearly any surface. Solution can do this because it works by emulsification. This means that instead of “burning” off grime, which is ineffective and unsafe, it actually “loosens” the soiled area ensuring successful results.


It’s all how you dilute it..

Dilute 10:1 for light interior cleaning and exterior paint prep.

Dilute 4:1 for heavy cleaning on leather, vinyl, and plastics.

Dilute 2:1 for wheel, tire, and undercarriage cleaning

Dilute 1:1 for heavy duty cleansing

Pro Tip:
Because Solution works by emulsification, it works best when it is allowed to soak into the treated area. Grime will not be immediately loosened on contact, however it only takes a minute!

Punch It What is synergy?
Synergy = the interaction of two or more substances to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.
What makes Punch-It different from a detail spray?
We’ve taken unique synthetic materials and blended them with silica to make the ultimate detail spray. Punch-it adds protection and creates an extremely hydrophobic, slick, self-cleaning surface which keeps your ride cleaner, longer. Works awesome on all exterior surfaces so there’s no limit to what you can knock out with this product.

Product Highlights:

  • Protects surface and boosts performance of existing protection
  • Keeps your vehicle, boat, motor home and much more...CLEANER, LONGER. 
  • Leaves surface slick and extremely hydrophobic

Korean Plush 350

Premium Plush Korean Made Microfiber Detailing Towels. Both sides are plush on these super soft microfiber detailing towels. This detailing microfiber towel set is great for Quick Details, Waterless Washes, Rinseless Wash, Final Wipes, and cleaning any delicate surface.

The high pile fibers of these Korean Plush Microfiber Towels give the dirt and grime you are wiping a cushion and help protect your paint surface from scratching. 
  • 10 pack
  • 16"x16"
  • 350 gsm
  • 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide - 100% Split
  • Zero Edge - Ultrasonic Cut - Scratch Free Edgeless Design

Spectrum 420

The Rag Company is proud to offer you one of the best values available anywhere for an all-purpose dual-pile detailing towel.  The Spectrum 420 is an excellent quality 420 gsm microfiber towel with a velvety soft premium microfiber SUEDE border that is the perfect choice for everything from Waterless Washing to Polish Removal and everything in-between!

Product Details:

Size: 16 x 16 Inches (41 cm x 41 cm)
Color: Black, Grey, Royal Blue
Blend: 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide
Material Weight: 420 GSM (Grams per Square Meter)
Border / Edging: Black Microfiber Suede Edge (Premium 70/30 Blend)
Material: 100% Split Microfiber

Waterless Wash Kit Includes:

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