Tolco White Model 100 Sprayer

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TolcoSKU: 66996-TOLCO-100

Title: Tolco Model 100 Sprayer
Color: White


This low cost sprayer is engineered not to leak. The contemporary, rugged design gives the product a nice retail appearance. Nozzle can be set to mist, spray or off, and ships in off position. Output is 0.7ml. It has a 28/400 thread finish. Dip tube length is 9-1/4". Bottle sold separately. 

Bottle Not Included. This is for the sprayer only.

Product Details:

  • Contemporary, rugged design
  • 9-1/4" dip tube
  • 28/400 thread size
  • 0.7ml per stroke
  • Nozzle can be set to mist, spray or off
  • Bottles sold separately


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