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Need Suds? We got you covered.

This kit has all the suds you're going to need to keep your ride looking good.

Shift This pH neutral vehicle shampoo includes the finest blend of surfactants to quickly and gently clean your vehicle. This soap is the absolute definition of pure as it contains no silicone, sodium lauryl sulfate, waxes, polymers, or any other additives making Shift simply perfect for washing vehicles protected with ceramic coatings or vehicles with matte paint. Regardless of what brand ceramic coating is on your vehicle, you can be confident Shift will provide the results you expect and preserve the life of your coating. 

Hot Shot If you are a professional detailer performing a lot of washes - you need a soap that will clean great while still being affordable. 

This unique high cleansing formula is tough on dirt and grime but still delicate enough to leave your paint, chrome, aluminum, and plastics looking good. Produce loads of cherry scented suds in your wash bucket in the matter of seconds or create a whole wall of foam around your vehicle with a foam cannon.

Shine Soap We've had some requests to add a little more sudsing action to Shine Soap - so we listened! This new formula has upgraded polymers along with a slight increase in its sudsing action. We've been using it at the shop and have been diggin' the performance! 

If you want to wash your vehicle while enhancing your existing layer of protection, then Shine Soap is for you!

Hole Shot What do you ride? Dirt bikes, mountain bikes, ATV's, Buggies? Whatever it may be you can use Hole Shot to keep it spotless after every ride.
And don't worry.. its bio-degradable and non-toxic formula is safe to use anywhere. 

Hole Shot works on any anodized, painted, or plastic surfaces. Simply spray, agitate with a brush or towel, rinse, and you're good to go! 

Suds a Go-Go Kit Includes:

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