Spiked Punch | Ceramic Waterless Wash

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Size: 16oz



Spiked Punch ceramic waterless wash  is a silica (SiO2) infused waterless wash that is excellent for cleaning light dust & grime off the exterior of your ceramic coated vehicle. This unique formula pairs seamlessly with the function of your ceramic coating, preserving its self-cleaning and hydrophobic properties so you can be confident in your maintenance regimen!
  • Advanced silica nano technology
  • Leaves finish slick and hydrophobic
  • Formulated with exclusive surfactants and emulsifiers for powerful cleaning
  • Works on glass, chrome, paint, and trim


Shake well. Always work from the top down. Spray directly onto the surface. Make sure to completely saturate the area to be cleaned which allows the product to emulsify and loosen the debris on the surface.
Lightly wipe area using a soft, plush microfiber towel using straight lines. Flip towel to a clean side after each panel. After all dirt is removed, use a clean microfiber towel with a light spritz of Spiked Punch to remove any streaks.


For best results use with microfiber towels Flip towel to clean side as you lift the dirt.
COMMON SENSE WARNING: Never use on a vehicle that is excessively dirty. Top with Punch It for added hyrdophobics and slickness.

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