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We've had some requests to add a little more sudsing action to Shine Soap - so we listened! This new formula has upgraded polymers along with a slight increase in its sudsing action. We've been using it at the shop and have been diggin' the performance! 

If you want to wash your vehicle while enhancing your existing layer of protection, then Shine Soap is for you!

This pH balanced formula works perfectly with any of our waxes or sealants. Shine Soap extends the life of the existing layer of protection rather than taking away from the protection like some cheaper soaps will do. Made with the highest quality raw materials to ensure you are getting the absolute best for your pride and joy!
Shine Soap should be your go to soap for maintenance washes. It’s formulated with advanced polymers that keep your vehicle’s paint protected and looking its best at all times. It’s also is designed to be a low-cleansing soap. This ensures that no form of existing protection is removed from the surface during your maintenance wash. Don’t misinterpret “low-cleansing” though, Shine Soap does pack a punch on even the dirtiest vehicles.

Not only is Shine Soap going to save the wax or sealant on your ride, it’s also going to save you time. It’s low foaming design rinses off with ease, saving you water as well. Shine Soap is also rich with water softening agents that will drastically reduce water spotting on your paint, chrome and windows.
Whether you use it in a bucket or out of a foam gun, you will be hooked after the first wash!


Dispense 1-2 ounces of Shine Soap into your car wash bucket and fill bucket with 3-4 gallons of water. Pressure from your water source will create foamy suds. For use in a foam gun, fill the container with 2-4 ounces of Shine Soap and the rest with water.

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