Rupes X-Cut Foam Backed Abrasive Discs (20 pcs)

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Size: 5"
Grit: P1500
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X-Cut Foam Backed Abrasives

The best way to create an outstanding finish, RUPES X-Cut foam backed abrasive discs are available in multiple sizes and grits to address deeper imperfections and leave behind a consistent sanding mark to make buff-out a breeze!

RUPES X-Cut foam backed abrasive discs are designed as a top-coat sanding solution for the removal of imperfections too deep for removal by polishing alone or leveling of texture. The aluminum oxide abrasive structure, fabric substrate, and foam backing provide a solution that produces a consistent sanding mark (when used with the appropriate foam interface) in wet-sanding applications.

Use on curves and countours, deep isolated scratches, or simply as a means to level a surface and promote a consistent scratch pattern for buff out. Available in 75mm (3″), 125mm (5″), and 150mm (6″) X-Cut foam abrasives are ideal for use with the BigFoot family of random orbital polishers.



P1500 75mm/3″ disc (20 pcs)

P2000 75mm/3″ disc (20 pcs)

P3000 75mm/3″ disc (20 pcs)

P1500 125mm/5″ disc (20 pcs)

P2000 125mm/5″ disc (20 pcs)

P3000 125mm/5″ disc (20 pcs)

P1500 150/6″ disc (20 pcs)

P2000 150/6″ disc (20 pcs)

P3000 150/6″ disc (20 pcs)

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