Rupes Waffle Pad Coarse For Rotary Polishers

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RupesSKU: 9.WF90H

Size: 90mm 3" - 3.5"
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Waffle Pad Coarse For Rotary Polishers

The WAFFLE COARSE FOAM PAD is the coarsest of our Rotary Waffle Pad range. Made of a blue foam material, this pad provide high performance and aggressive removal of severe defects and sanding marks on painted surfaces. Thanks to the waffle pad face, the Waffle Coarse Pad provides rotational stability and reduces heat build-up caused by rotary motion. The blue Waffle foam pads for rotary are designed to work with the BigFoot LH19E and any other rotary polisher. We recommend pairing them with our Rotary Coarse Compound.

The waffle design of the pad surface generates a smooth polishing experience and increases user comfort. Since the waffle-shaped face of these pads does not totally touch the surface, they work at a cooler level, reducing the risk of overheating the paint.

9.WF90H 90mm 3" - 3.5"
9.WF150H 150mm 5" - 5.5"
9.WF180H 180mm 6" - 6.5"
9.WF200H 200mm 6.5" - 7"

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