Rupes Rotary Coarse Blue Foam Pad

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RupesSKU: 9.BR90H

Size: 80mm (3.15" Face)



Unique, innovative, proprietary and specific foam formulas designed specifically for the RUPES LH19E BigFoot Rotary Polisher. These purpose-built pads work in perfect harmony with our in-house-developed and manufactured rotary specific compound and polish formulas. Offered at three abrasives levels and maintaining the systematic color-coded philosophy the RUPES BigFoot rotary foam pad system offers a versatile and effective solution for rotary polishing.

3.15" Pad fits a (80mm/3") backing plate
5.25" Pad fits a (135mm/5") backing plate

6.25" Pad fits a (160mm/6") backing plate
7" Pad fits a (180mm/7") backing plate


Recommended Tools: Rotary

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