Rupes Coarse DA Wool Pad

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RupesSKU: 9.BW40H

Size: 30mm (1") / 45mm (1.5")



For Random Ortbital and Gear Driven Polishers

Engineered to reduce drag on the paint, RUPES BigFoot Blue Coarse Wool Pads the ideal choice for maximum paint defect removal when used on BigFoot Random Orbital, Gear-Driven “Mille”, and Triple-Action Polishers. The dual- fibers’ short lengths effectively transfer the orbital movement to the paint for fast cutting, while the blue foam support allows for the pad to conform to body panel shapes and contours. RUPES D-A Coarse Compound is recommended on Random Orbital and Triple-Action Polishers; RUPES D-A Coarse Compound is recommended on Gear-Driven “Mille” Polishers. Ideal for all paint finishes.

9.BW40H 30mm (1.25") / 45mm (1.75")
9.BW70H 50mm (2") / 65mm (2.5")
9.BW100H 80mm (3") / 90mm (3.5")
9.BW150H 130mm (5") / 145mm (5.5")
9.BW180H 150mm (6") / 170mm (6.5")

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