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RELOCK express ceramic coating is an easy-to-use ceramic coating that creates a thin, hard sacrificial barrier on your vehicle's exterior surfaces along with making the paint ridiculously glossy and slick! It’s effortless application makes it the perfect coating providing up to 12 months of protection. Works on paint, glass, chrome, vinyl wraps and PPF (paint protective film).


So here's the deal on Relock...

Relock Express Ceramic Coating is pretty much a game changer.

We noticed there's no in-between product to meet the needs of customers or professional detailers that need a coating that fits the budget along with being easy to apply without the fear of messing up. You either have "Professional" ceramic coatings like our Beadlock Pro or you have water-based, ceramic fortified detail sprays like our Punch-It synergy spray.

We realized at our own detail company Stevens Detailing that some customers would like a true ceramic coating (not a water-based ceramic spray) but don't want to spend the money it requires to perform a paint correction and ceramic coating. For a professional, long-term coating to be applied to a vehicle, the surface needs to be polished and the defects removed prior so you're not "locking" in defects with a coating that has the potential to last years. You don't want to put a multi-year coating over defects. The ideal method is to correct the defects and then protect the finish with a professional ceramic coating so you have a perfect finish to easily maintain going forward. 

So, if $1,000 or more isn't in the budget for a paint correction and coating, we have created Relock Express Ceramic Coating for you. Relock gives you all the benefits of a professional coating but for a shorter time frame. You can expect 12 months of protection, with proper maintenance of course. (Refer to our ceramic coating maintenance chart)

If protection, easy maintenance along with consistent gloss after each wash is your focus - rather than keeping every swirl out of the paint, Relock is your answer. With a simple wash and decontamination of the paint, you can apply Relock. If you're a professional detailer, this is perfect for those budget friendly "express" style details. If your an enthusiast, this is perfect for your Saturday shine therapy session.  

Another great use for Relock!

Relock is also excellent for annual maintenance on a ceramic coated vehicle's by building up the layer of ceramic coating and renewing the coating's slickness and hydrophobics that are lost over time. We like to call this "Relocking".

Every year, we Relock our customer's vehicles that have been coated in Shine Supply Beadlock Pro ceramic paint coating.

How do you use Relock?


Prep: Make sure the surface is clean and dry. We recommend always applying to a smooth surface that has been clayed so RELOCK can bond properly.

Application: Shake well. Apply RELOCK directly to a microfiber applicator pad and wipe onto the surface using overlapping passes. Product will have an “oil slick/rainbow” look to it as it begins to dry. This effect will begin within a few seconds. Give the product a minimum of 60 seconds to set up and then remove using a clean microfiber towel. Using an additional towel, wipe over the area again to ensure the product is even, streak-free and level on the surface.


  • RELOCK works in outdoor or indoor conditions. If applying in the sun make sure the surface is not hot-to-the-touch and understand your wipe off needs to be quicker than if you were applying indoors. When applying in outdoor conditions, always apply in a small section first to determine your wipe-off time frame. 
  • For a quick gloss enhancement detail: Polish the vehicle with BURN OUT reconditioning cream and top with RELOCK for mind blowing slickness, shine and protection. 
  • To perform light defect repair on a ceramic coated vehicle: using a Dual Action polisher and a foam pad, polish the vehicle with our SLICK BACK primer polish. Wipe off the SLICK BACK as you go. Once you’ve polished all the paint surfaces top with RELOCK express ceramic coating. This process removes light defects in the coating and then builds the coating surface back up - creating more gloss, slickness and protection. 

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