LC Power Tools | UDOS 51E | Kit 3

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UDOS 51E Kit 3

With the UDOS 51E (User Defined Orbital Stroke) you can get more work done with fewer tools. Switch seamlessly between five polishing orbits on the fly:
  • R - Rotary
  • S - Sanding
  • P1 - 12mm Dual Action Orbital
  • P2 - 15mm Dual Action Orbital
  • P3 - 21mm Dual Action Orbital

    Included in the box: UDOS 51E polisher, 5” Aero backing plate, manual, and medium grip handle.

UDO Polishing Pad Kit (2 of Each)

The new line of UDO pads complement the 5-in-1 functionality of the UDOS 51E and the unique Aero 5" backing plate. UDO custom pads are designed to operate in rotary or dual action orbit modes (12mm, 15mm, 21mm). The new UDO polishing pad line features the exclusive Active Rebound Technology.

Heavyweight Microfiber QD Detailer's Delight

This is a premium heavy weight 2 faced microfiber detailing towel. One side has a high pile and one side has a low pile. These 550 gsm microfiber detailing towels are super absorbent and extremely soft. Made with premium, 70/30, AA grade, ultra-fine microfiber yarn. The heavyweight and dense fibers insure a high capacity to absorb liquid. 

These are great Final Wipe, and Quick Detail towels. Can be used as drying towels, and polish residue removal towels. 

Shine Supply Classic Cut & Classic Finish

Classic Cut will help you remove the moderate scratches and defects from your car’s paint to reveal the shiny-wet-glossy paint everyone loves to see! Classic Cut is a diminishing abrasive. “What does that mean?” you may ask.. Simply put, the first few passes will be aggressive to the paint.. You’ll eliminate most of the scratches and paint defects from your car’s paint.. BUT, as you keep working Classic Cut, the compound gets finer and finer (meaning not aggressive anymore) and leaves the paint almost ready for some wax!

If you are looking for the perfect polish that eliminates the need to buy 3 or 4 different polishes to keep in your detail supply arsenal then Classic Polish is your new polish. This unique, diminishing abrasive formula has an excellent light correcting ability and then finishes down leaving a crystal clear, glossy finish - in one step.

This kit includes the following:

1 - UDOS 51E Polisher, 5" Aero Backing 
Plate, and Medium Grip Handle
2 - UDO Micro Wool Cutting Pad 5.5"
2 - UDO Olive Light Cutting Pad 6"
2 - UDO Khaki Polishing Pad 6"
1 - Heavyweight Microfiber QD and Final Wipe Towel | Detailer's Delight (3Pack)

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