FUR-EEL Pro2 Pet Hair and Sand Remover (version 2.0) 3 Pack

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Buff BriteSKU: BB-FurEelPro2(3pk)



Are you a Professional Detailer or high volume user?  Do you wish the Fur eel lasted longer?  Wish no more, the Fur eel PRO ll (version 2.0) is the powerhouse pet hair removal tool you’ve been waiting for. 

It will last 10X longer than the last model and outperform it too! With it’s, 300% longer teeth and increased side venting, it creates massive amounts of positive air flow. It’s made from the same polymeric silicone that rips the hair from any surface.

It still fits your standard crevice tool and our Fang adapter, like a glove.  

The only difference is a massive improvement in efficiency and longevity. You’ll probably just want to leave it on your vac nozzle all the time. 

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