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FEYNLAB® PURE RINSELESS is a highly concentrated and eco-friendly wash solution designed for regular maintenance washing of all automotive exterior vehicle surfaces– coated and non-coated alike. Its versatility allows for use in both Rinseless or Waterless Car Wash Methods.

A regular wash schedule, paired with PURE RINSELESS, will greatly help to maintain optimal sheeting and self-cleaning properties of all ceramic coatings. PURE RINSELESS is the ideal pre-coating paint cleanser, since it deep cleans, leaving nothing behind to interfere with bonding.

We understand some auto enthusiasts or detailers are skeptical of waterless or rinseless washing methods for fear of harming panels. However, PURE RINSELESS, paired with proper technique, is safe, effective, quick, and easy. Additionally, the cost per wash is very low under $.15 a wash when mixed. Plus the equipment needed for a waterless wash may easily be stored in any vehicle or apartment, allowing for simple and effective vehicle washing anywhere.

As the name implies, PURE RINSELESS works to leave the surface completely clean, employing the same truly intelligent cleaning technology as FEYNLAB® PURE WASH. These smart surfactants feature four distinct powerful cleaning properties. They:

  1. Mechanically Attach to Contamination.
  2. Chemically Pre-disslove Contaminants.
  3. Provide Full Encapsulation of Contaminants, Reducing Friction & Ease of Removal.
  4. Lubricate Surfaces to Promote Safe Removal via Microfiber Towel or other Wash Media.

The formula contains no fillers, junk, or caustic chemicals. Nothing is left behind. Instead, washing reveals a truly clean surface that ready for the next protection step or just a fun drive.

A Perfect Waterless or Rinseless Car Wash Techniques, PURE RINSELESS Refreshes Optimal Sheeting and Self Cleaning (Hydrophobic) Properties for all Ceramic Coated Surfaces.


  • Versatile: Mix to either Waterless or Rinseless Car Wash Dilutions.
  • Superior Lubricity with Smart Surfactant Technology that Attaches and Dissolves Contamination, Offering a Truly Deep Cleaning.
  • Safe for all Vehicle Exterior Surfaces: Paint, Plastic, Rubber, Carbon Fiber, Carbon Ceramic Brakes, Anodized Aluminum, Etc.
  • Rinses completely clean, revealing true surface condition. No Fillers, Junk Chemicals, Builders, or Caustic Residue Left Behind.
  • A Perfect wash solution for prepping or maintaining ceramic coated vehicles.

1L Bottle of Concentrate.

Dilution Ratio:
Mix PURE RINSELESS to a 1:250 dilution. 1 part PURE RINSELESS to 250 parts water.

Ensure application area is free of loose contamination.

Pure Rinseless is a deep cleanser and may remove less durable waxes, sealants, and topical protection.


  • Place vehicle in a well lit, cool, & contamination free environment.
  • If vehicle excessively dirty, you may consider first thoroughly rinsing vehicle of all loose dust, debris, & topical contamination.

Waterless Car Wash Instructions:

  1. Mix Waterless Wash Solution at a 1:250 dilution. (1/2oz [15ml] to 1 gallon [3.75L]) Distilled Water..
  2. Pre-soak (spray) panels with mixture to lubricate surface and encapsulate all dirt & contamination.
  3. Use a plush clean long nap microfiber towel to gently remove the encapsulated contaminants from the surface.
  4. With little pressure, use a secondary microfiber towel to dry the panel after washing.

** In extreme heat and direct sun: Many professionals have diluted 1:384 or greater with zero loss of effectiveness to decrease residue from quick drying panels.

Rinseless Car Wash Instructions:

  1. Add water to a bucket. For every gallon (3.75L) of Water – Add 1/2oz (15ml) of PURE RINSELESS concentrate. A (3) gallon (15L) bucket of water would require 1.5oz (45ml) of PURE RINSELESS.
  2. Pre-soak (spray) panels with solution to encapsulate all dirt and contamination particles.
  3. Dunk a dedicated wash mitt into the bucket and then gently agitate and ‘wash’ a designated section.
  4. With little pressure use a microfiber drying towel to gently dry the panel.

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