EZ Detail Brush 3 Pack

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EZ Detail Brush 3 Pack

Get all 3 EZ Detail Brushes to tackle every job!

Big EZ Detail Brush
- Perfect for cleaning
WHEELS and ENGINE BAYS. It fits in-between hard to reach areas between wheel and calipers. It’s 18” long with a vinyl coated, flexible wire stem and a 4” diameter of nylon and nylex memory bristles. 

Little EZ Detail Brush - Great for NOOKS and CRANNIES like those found on motorcycles and spoke wheels. It’s 13” long with a vinyl coated wire stem and a 2 ½” diameter of nylon and nylex memory bristles.

GO EZ Detail Brush - Clean DOOR JAMS, WHEEL WELLS and reach into corners easier than ever. It’s 16” long with a plastic handle and a 4” dome shaped head full of nylon and nylex memory bristles.

A must have and great edition to any wash bucket! These three brushes are built to last!

*colors may vary

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