"Express Series" Quick Compound | Cutting Creme & Polish

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Shine SupplySKU: SS-ExpressQuickCompound-Gal

Size: 1 Gallon


"Express Series" Quick Compound Cutting Creme & Polish

Shine Supply Quick Compound is an aggressive polish formulated with an advanced abrasive system. This enables the user to remove many heavy surface imperfections with a dual-action polisher using a microfiber cutting pad. Quick Compound is fortified with polymers and waxes so it can be used as a one-step on many finishes. Designed specifically for the needs of express detailing service - Quick Compound significantly reduces time while delivering quality results. To achieve the ultimate in gloss and protection top with Shine Supply Quick Sealant. 


  • Shake well
  • Apply product directly to the microfiber cutting pad. 
  • Dab product out over a 2x2 area on the paint surface. 
  • Turn on your tool and/or pull trigger. 
  • While applying medium down pressure and slow arm speed - work 2x2 areas with overlapping passes to ensure even coverage. The more passes performed, the more defect removal you will achieve. 
  • Use a clean microfiber towel to remove the product, flip the towel and re-wipe for the final pass.
  • Top with Shine Supply Quick Sealant for ultimate gloss and protection. 

Pro Tips:

Shine Supply Quick Compound works best with microfiber cutting pads. 

Keep the pad cleaned out during polishing for maximum results. 


DA Polisher 

Note: 12oz bottle is a refillable bottle only

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