Detailer's Paint Correction & Protection Starter Kit

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Shine SupplySKU: SS-PPKIT

Beadlock Pro 30ml Kit: Without Beadlock Pro 30ml Kit


Kit includes:

  • Flat Top hard paint compound 16oz
  • Classic Cut hi-tech compound16oz
  • Classic Polish hi-tech polish 16oz
  • Slick Back primer polish 16oz
  • Daddy-O! paint sealant 16oz
  • OPTIONAL: Beadlock Pro Ceramic Paint Coating 30ml Kit



Always refer to the Compound, Polishes, and One Steps Chart for further information on our compounds and polishes. 

  • Flat Top and Classic Cut work excellent with both microfiber and foam cutting pads. For best results apply using a DA polisher
  • Classic Polish and Slick Back work excellent with both microfiber finishing pads and any foam polishing/finishing pad. For best results apply using a DA polisher
  • Daddy-O! is best applied with a DA polisher using a foam finishing pad. May also be applied by hand using a soft microfiber applicator. 

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