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Make your wheels look brand new in no time at all.

Cool Guy will instantly be your favorite wheel cleaner. When it comes to cleaning power and results, its untouchable! . Cool Guy’s acid free, pH balanced formula literally dissolves brake dust and grime buildup on contact. It doesn’t just clean the top surface of your wheels though, it actually penetrates deep into the paint and metals to remove the iron deposits that aren’t even visible to the human eye.
Cool Guy turns red as it begins to dissolve the break dust!
You can use Cool Guy on all types of wheels: 
- steel
- aluminum 
- powder coated
- uncoated (raw metal)
- anodized
Whether it’s a show car or daily driver, Cool Guy will keep your wheels looking their best.

Cool Guy is ready to use and no dilution is needed. Shake well. Spray evenly onto the wheel. Let dwell on the wheel but do not allow product to dry. Cool Guy will turn bright red as it makes contact and dissolves contaminate. Agitate with soft wheel brush to loosen stubborn grime and rinse thoroughly. 

Pro Tips: 
Never apply Cool guy to a hot wheel and do not allow the product to dry in the surface. Aftermarket matte finish powder coated wheels always perform a test spot to ensure the cleaner is safe to use. 

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