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Clutch = To perform best under pressure

Durable protection and hydrophobic properties.  

You may ask, “What is Silica?” Silica is the principle component of glass and it is also a primary raw material for many ceramics such as stoneware and porcelain. Silica is the material that is responsible for these items being hard, durable and smooth. We have found a way to integrate this amazing material into a water-based spray that will extend the life of your existing ceramic coating, or provide stand-alone protection, up to 6 months when paired with our Slick Back primer polish. Apply to any exterior surface of your vehicle to provide protection, amazing gloss and excellent hydrophobic properties. This unique non-streaking formula is very easy to use and will definitely impress you with its performance.

Clutch is NOT a detail spray. It's a light form of ceramic coating. You have to look at Clutch the same way you would ceramic coating. Even though it's in a spray bottle - it has to be treated like a coating. When Clutch is applied to a vehicle that has ceramic coating - it recognizes the material and attaches itself, reintroducing a new thin layer of SiO2 and hydrophobic properties. Clutch also has a lot more uses! 

Here's some of the many uses:

  • Works excellent as stand alone protection.
  • Contains close to 10% silica! 
  • Durable protection for ALL aftermarket, factory and powdercoated wheels. 
  • Refreshes and reloads ceramic coatings.
  • Refreshes and brings the color back to sprayed in bed liners.
  • Protects outdoor furniture, outdoor BBQ islands and SO much more! 


Shake well. May be applied to wet or dry surfaces. For maximum protection apply when vehicle is dry. Spray directly onto surface or soft applicator, spread evenly and let dry. Drying time will vary depending on temperature and humidity. Warm outdoor conditions will cause Clutch to dry in 3-5 minutes. Cooler indoor conditions will take 15-20 minutes to fully dry. Remove using two microfiber towels. Wipe off top haze using slow passes and firm pressure. Using your second towels, wipe with lighter pressure. If streaks are still visible wait 30-60 seconds and they will level. 

Pro Tip:

  • Apply a layer of Clutch to the entire vehicle using a microfiber applicator. Follow with (2) microfiber towel. Level the product using medium/firm initial first passes. Using the 2nd towel,  lighten pressure and level any streaking. 
Absolutely amazing cleaning ability with an extreme high gloss finish on any metal surface. This unique formula starts off with a light cleaning/cutting ability and then breaks down into a polish as you work the product leaving you with an amazing shine!  
  • Works excellent on chrome, aluminum, diamond plate and stainless steel.
  • Takes the work out of polishing aluminum with its effortless wipe-off.
  • Amazing results when used polish on chrome.

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