Classy UnderCarriage Kit

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Got Undercarriage Grime? This kit is just for you. 

When the skeleton is grimy, this combo will clean it up.

Solution is an advanced multi-purpose cleanser that will clean anything it touches. Its pH balanced formula delivers safe and effective results on nearly any surface. Solution can do this because it works by emulsification. This means that instead of “burning” off grime, which is ineffective and unsafe, it actually “loosens” the soiled area ensuring successful results.

Solution is safe and effective on: 

  • leather
  • vinyl
  • plastics
  • tires
  • wheels
  • undercarriage
  • engines
  • paint



It’s all how you dilute it..

Dilute 10:1 for light interior cleaning and exterior paint prep.

Dilute 4:1 for heavy cleaning on leather, vinyl, and plastics.

Dilute 2:1 for wheel, tire, and undercarriage cleaning

Dilute 1:1 for heavy duty cleansing

Pro Tip:
Because Solution works by emulsification, it works best when it is allowed to soak into the treated area. Grime will not be immediately loosened on contact, however it only takes a minute!

Classy Chassis Don’t let a neglected undercarriage ruin your detail. Classy Chassis is an undercarriage spray that guarantees you wheel well perfection. Simply mist it on your inner-fender guards, frame supports, and suspension components to give your ride that classy look it deserves. Finish your detail off right with a classy chassis.


 Always start with a clean undercarriage. Use our Solution multi purpose cleaner diluted 1:1 to thoroughly strip the dirt and grime. Agitate with a brush if needed. Once you have rinsed your undercarriage and it has air dried, take Classy Chassis and apply to the desired areas.

Pro Tip:  
Do not over spray product, dripping excess may cause stains on cement surface.
Make your interior look new again!

This Kit Includes:

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