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This is a great one step package! We have paired Burn Out with everything you need to do a proper paint correction. This easy to use system will get you results!

Burn Out Kit Includes:

  • Burn Out 16oz
  • Lake Country (HDO) Foam Cutting Pad - Blue - 5.5 inch
  • Lake Country (HDO) Foam Polishing Pad - Orange - 5.5 inch
  • Autofiber Detailer's Delight 550 GSM Microfiber Towels (3 Pack)

    Which pad should you choose?

     BLUE - This pad is for harder paints and will give you maximum defect removal for a one-step polish job. The foam is stiffer than the orange pad (which is why it cuts more) but still contours nicely to the vehicles surface. 

    ORANGE - This pad is for softer paints. It will give you good swirl reduction and enhance gloss while being very user friendly. 

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