BLUGATOR The Seatbelt Brush

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BLUGATOR The Seatbelt Brush

2 Sides are better than 1 with. the patent pending BLUGATOR Seatbelt Brush. No need to flip the seatbelt to get both sides clean. The BLUGATOR brush cleans both sides at the same time. Features soft durable nylon fibers not affected by most chemicals. Use with your favorite All purpose Cleaner and it gently scrubs grime away such as food stains, make-up, lipstick, and more!

To use, completely extend the seatbelt. Dip the brush soapy water or spray with your APC. PLace belt between the brushes and with light pressure, scrub the belt. Work form top to bottom of the strap. Rinse off the seat belt and dry with a towel.


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