Amphibian Microfiber Drying Towel

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AutofiberSKU: TTX1100GYB20301-1



Designed for Rinseless Wash

Since there is less water on the car you can dry and finish wipe with one towel.

Two Types of Microfiber

One side is a long twist pile that easily glides across paint and glass surfaces.
The other side is a high pile plush microfiber that is super gentle and absorbent. 

Four Size Options

The Ampibian is availabe in 4 sizes:
Mini: 8"x8": for Glass and Dash
Jr.: 16"x16": for General Detailing
Original & XL: for Rinseless Wash Drying

  • 20”x30”
  • 1100 gsm
  • 75/25 blend
  • Hidden Edge - Inside Sewn

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