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AIO Microfiber Edition is stronger than Classic Polish but less aggressive than Classic Cut. Removes light swirls and paint defects while leaving a layer of carnauba wax protection on your vehicles surface. Designed specifically for use with microfiber pads to maximize results.

  • Provides amazing results even in direct sunlight.
  • AIO Microfiber Edition gives you light correction. beautiful gloss and leaves your paint with some light protection.
  • We recommend following with AIl in One Original Formula or Daddy-O paint Sealant for added gloss and protection.
  • Use with a foam pad for less cut and better finishing ability
Directions: Shake well. Apply four dime size dots of product to microfiber pad. Work a 2 ft by 2 ft section at a time using slow, overlapping passes until desired results are achieved. Remove product with a soft microfiber towel. For maximum gloss and protection follow with ALL IN ONE "Original Formula"

Pro Tips: 
When using on dark colored vehicles always follow with ALL IN ONE "Original Formula" to bring out the best clarity in the paint.

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