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Upholstery Piping Brush - AC5HHBK

Our horse hair utility brush is ideal for cleaning crevices on delicate surfaces like leather and cloth upholstery, piping, polished chrome and wood instrument panels.
-horse hair bristles
-3/4" angled trim
-staple set
-polypropylene handle

Foam Pad Cleaning Brush - AC9BBK

This poly utility brush is the best tool for cleaning caked polish or compound from your polishing pads.
-sparse fill black bristles
-5/8" level trim
-staple set
-polypropylene handle

Detailing Nylon Brush - AC9RBK

Extra durable staple set nylon bristles make this an all around utility detail brush. It is an ideal brush for cleaning gaps and crevices all over your vehicle.
-red crimped nylon bristles
-1/2" trim
-staple set
-polypropylene handle


Stainless steel bristles make this an amazing engine bay scratch brush. Use it anywhere you need aggressive cleaning on durable parts.


The soft brass wire bristles allow this brush to clean aggressively without scratching metal parts. It is best for use on electrical contacts and corroded metal parts.

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