3M Automotive Advanced Masking Tape

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3MSKU: MMM3432

Size: 36MM


3M Automotive Performance Masking Tape

  • MULTI-USE TAPE: General purpose auto care masking tape for countless applications
  • USE ON A VARIETY OF SURFACES: Sticks to paper, fiberboard, glass, rubber, plastic, and metal
  • DELIVERS GOOD PAINT LINES: Provides clean paint lines.
  • STRONG TAPE ADHESION: Adheres well to many surfaces.
  • REMOVES CLEANLY: Easy to remove and without damaging the surface.
  • GOOD CONFORMABILITY: crepe paper backing can conform to curved and irregular surfaces
  • EASY TO UNWIND AND REMOVE: Unwinds smoothly from the roll for good control and tears easily by hand.
  • Resists solvents or water from paint.
  • WORKS IN DIFFERENT CONDITIONS: Tape also resists temperatures up to 250°F (121°C) for up to 30 minutes, making it suitable for longer baking cycles.
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY: Tape and roll design affords more usable tape per roll vs. lower-priced brands


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