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Size: 1 Gallon




If you are looking for the perfect polish that eliminates the need to buy 3 or 4 different polishes to keep in your detail supply arsenal then Classic Polish is your new polish. This unique, diminishing abrasive formula has an excellent light correcting ability and then finishes down leaving a crystal clear, glossy finish - in one step. 

  • Long cycle time making it very versatile in hot, humid conditions
  • Amazing results with micro fiber finishing pads 
  • Works well with any foam polishing/finishing pads
  • Non filling, silicone free formula
  • Body shop safe

Apply product to pad or panel, depending on machine polisher being used. Work a 2 ft by 2 ft section at a time and cycle till material diminishes and high gloss is achieved. Remove product with a soft microfiber towel. Follow up with Signature Shine paste wax or Daddy-O paint sealant. 

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