MTM Hydro Pressure Washer Accessory Kit 1

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MTM HydroSKU: DA-KIT-4-3050

Nozzle Size: 3.0
Hose Length: 50'


This Premium Pressure Washer Accessory kit has everything you need to from hose to spray gun and everything in between. No compromises made here as this is MTM's top of the line setup. The PF22.2 foam cannon is of course the best foam cannon on the market. Pair that with a complete Acqualine 316 Stainless Steel Spray Gun, 20" bent Lance, and 40° Nozzle Guard all with quick connect fittings. The KobraJet Gray hose is non marring and comes in 50', 75', or 100' lengths.



  • PF22.2 foam cannon with Extra 1.1mm Orifice
  • MTM Acqualine SGS35 with built in Stainless Swivel & QC Fittings
  • MTM Acqualine 316 Stainless 20" Bent Lance w/ SS QC's
  • MTM 40° Nozzle Guard in 3.0, 3.5, or 4.0 sizes.
  • 4,000 PSI Grey Non- Marking Kobrajet Hose in either 50', 75' or 100' length
  • Shine Supply Hot Shot 16oz

PF22 Foam Cannon:

The best foam cannon on the market just got better! The all new PF22 now features a standing one liter bottle! Gone are the days of you top heavy foam cannon tipping over.

  • Italian Nickel Plated Brass -Single Cast Foam Cannon body
  • Italian Calibrated 32 oz New Stand up Grey Bottle
  • 1/4" x 9" tube for drawing chemical
  • 3.5 Orifice (1.25mm) installed in the Foamer Body
  • 3.0 Orifice (1.1mm) included with kit
  • Fitting pack (2-peices) containing a 1/4" M22 adaptor and 1/4" QC Plated Steel Plug
  • Manual with care instructions and exploded view

    Spray Gun
    Acqualine spray gun with the built-in low profile stainless live swivel, this spray gun will increase your cleaning efficiency and keep you cleaning longer with its Easy Hold technology.

    • Stainless Steel Quick Connects installed with Loctite
    • Stainless Live Swivel and Inlet Pipe
    • Plated Brass Valve for enhanced chemical resistance
    • Ceramic ball for corrosion resistance
    • Blue food grade housing for OSHA and FDA regulated facilities
    • 3/8" F Integrated SS Swivel Inlet x 1/4" F Outlet
    • Max - 5,000 PSI
    • Max - 12 GPM
    • Max - 320° F

    The 20" vented and bent lance allows a more perpendicular approach for your spray pattern to clean valleys on hard surfaces.

    • Vented lances are a fraction of the weight when compared to a traditional molded grip lance.
    • BPA free and allows you to use either Hot or Cold water.
    • Manufactured with high grade AISI 316 Stainless


    MTM Hydro's Non-Marking Gray Kobrajet 4,000 PSI 310° F hose is available in 3/8” x 50', 75', and 100' lengths. Complete with quick connect fittings

    These Italian nozzle guards offer a new level of safety with a premium feel when working around your vehicle commercial kitchen to keep paint safe from scratches.

    • 100% tested threaded stainless MTM nozzle installed in a 316 surgical grade stainless nozzle guard.

    Need help figuring out which nozzle is right for your setup? Use the calculator below.

    Nozzle Calculator

    Shine Supply Hot Shot
    This unique high cleansing formula is tough on dirt and grime but still delicate enough to leave your paint, chrome, aluminum, and plastics looking good. Produce loads of cherry scented suds in your wash bucket in the matter of seconds or create a whole wall of foam around your vehicle with a foam cannon


    This kit can easily be adapted to your box store bought pressure washer by using a M22 adapter. You will need either the M22 14mm or 15mm Plug depending on your pressure washer and a Female Quick Coupler fitting to swap out the plug on the one end of the KobraJet hose so it fits onto the plug end of the M22 adapter.

    M22 14mm Plug

    M22 15mm Plug

    Female Quick Coupler 3/8

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