Lake Country Force Hybrid Grey Heavy Cutting Pad

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Lake CountrySKU: FR-HGrey1.0

Size: 1"


NEW HYBRID Grey Foam is a heavy cutting pad that is firm and resists collapsing with heat. These pads work great for heavy defect removal and spot repair, but also work great for polishing on very hard clear coats. This pad is highly recommended in areas with high heat and/or humidity, can also be “broken in” by soaking in warm water and spinning dry.

Featuring HYBRID Foam TechnologyImproved Design to Our HYBRID Foams With a New Cutting Pad
  • Hybrid foams are specifically engineered with small cells and dense construction to keep abrasives in the chemicals close to the surface of the pad. This results in faster correction time as more polish stays on the working surface rather than being absorbed into the foam.
  • Engineered for forced rotation and Rotary Machines
  • Tapered design and 1-1/4” (32mm) thickness provide a user experience unlike other pads on the market
  • FORCETM pads use the same HYBRID foam technology and now combine a ventilated center hole for cooling and centering
  • Additional sizes available to the line that will fit a variety of backing plates

Force Pad Sizes and Measurements:

1" Pads measure 1.5" x 1-1/4" with a 1.25" backing (No center hole). Fits 1" backing plates.

2" Pads measure 2.5" x 1-1/4" with a 2" backing (No center hole). Fits 2" backing plates.

3.5" Pads measure 3.5" x 1-1/4" with a 3" loop (No center hole). Fits 3" backing plates.

5.5" Pads measure 5.5" x 1-1/4" with a 5" loop (center hole). Fits 4 -3/8 & 5" backing plates.

6.5" Pads measure 6.5" x 1-1/4" with a 6" loop (center hole). Fits 5.5" & 6" backing plates.

Recommended for forced rotation and rotary machines

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