BigFoot LH 19E Complete Kit

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Rotary Polisher

Featuring a high torque motor, compact and lightweight design, and premium ergonomics the LH 19E BigFoot rotary polisher is one of the most capable and maneuverable rotary polishers on the market today. The combination of power and elegance make it the ultimate rotary polishing solution for a variety of industries and applications.

Kit Includes:

(1)LH19E Polisher
(1)982.500 125mm/5in backing plate
(1)811.374/C D-loop handle
(1)81.322/C rotary side handle
(1)9.BRCOARSE250 250ml Coarse Rotary Compound
(1)9.BRFINE250 250ml Fine Rotary Polish,
(1) 9.PURE250 250ml Ultrafine Universal Polish
(1)9.BL180H twisted wool pad
(1)9.BL150F Cut & Finish Wool Pad
(1)9.BR150H coarse blue foam pad
(1)9.BR150M fine yellow foam pad
(1)9.BR150S ultrafine foam pad
(1)9.BF7001 Claw Pad Tool
(1)9.Z868 detailing apron
(4)9.BF9010 microfiber towels
(1)9.Z998/BF Rotary carrying bag, packed in a carton box


Requires 120v electrical outlet

ø Backing Pads Available mm-in 125 – 5″ | 150 – 6″ | 165 – 6.5″
Power Watt 500
R.P.M. 450 – 1700
Weight kg-lbs 2.2 – 4.85
Speed Control
Progressive Trigger
Spindle Thread 5/8″ Male
Electrical Cord m – ft 9 – 29.6


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