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Size: 80ml Bottle



 How does it work?

BEADLOCK creates a hard sacrificial barrier on your wheels and suspension which shields the abuse coming from brake dust, dirt and UV rays.

BEADLOCK contains SiO2 (silica dioxide) which is the primary component of glass and is what gives glass strength and hardness, but unlike glass we have blended in a proprietary formulation of elastic polymers, which allow the microscopic surface to flex. With this blended SiO2 chemistry BEADLOCK provides a far more durable and hydrophobic layer than any wax or sealant because it cures as a hardened layer of protection while maintaining the ability to absorb impacts and flex with the surface it's applied to. 

This easy-to-apply coating is specifically designed to protect your wheels and suspension components from the unique conditions they see both on and off-road. Whether you simply cruise the pavement or get down in the dirt BEADLOCK coating can take the abuse. Safe for all finishes including raw metals, chrome, powder coat, anodized and painted surfaces. 

Method wheel coated with BEADLOCK

Radius Arm coated with BEADLOCK

Radius Arm coated

Kit Includes:

  • (1) 80 ml Beadlock bottle 
  • (1) 4 oz Throwback prep cleaner
  • (1) 4 oz Punch-It after care maintenance
  • (1) coating applicator pad
  • (1) coating leveling microfiber towel
  • (2) black coating sprayers (one spare sprayer)
  • (1) pair blue gloves
  • Complete instructions and pro tips insert card


After BEADLOCK has been applied to the surface there's really no need to use our Cool Guy wheel cleaner unless you have neglected the wheel for a few weeks and the brake dust has built up. Make up a bucket of our SHIFT soap and water to clean the coated surfaces. Always use a soft wash mitt to ensure safe cleaning. 

After each cleaning, apply PUNCH-IT synergy spray to maintain the layer of BEADLOCK. This keep the coated surface slick and hydrophobic. 


Clean the surface thoroughly with Throw Back paint cleanser. Shake BEADLOCK well. Spray directly on the surface you want to protect OR you can spray directly onto the applicator pad. Spread product using the coating applicator pad. Product will begin to "rainbow" within seconds. Give it 45-60 seconds to set up and remove using a clean microfiber towel. Use an additional towel or flip the included towel inside out to ensure product is even on the surface. 

Pro Tip:

  • To avoid any chance of overspray on your rotors OR unwanted areas cover with a towel to prevent product from making contact. 
  • The 80 ml bottle will coat approximately 3-4 sets of wheels depending on wheel size.

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